benefits of an EPC or EEP

The benefits to an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) or Energy Efficiency Project (EEP) are plentiful and multi-faceted. These include:

Reduced utility and maintenance expenditures: our high-efficiency equipment will drastically lower your water and energy bills as well as maintenance headaches for your staff.

Upgraded facilities and equipment: residents, students and staff will greatly appreciate the improvements to their communities and will benefit from the improved living and learning environments.

Potential LEED Certification: The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is an internationally recognized green certification system of facilities that utilize the most efficient building technologies and practices. Water and energy conservation, improved indoor air quality and reduced carbon emissions are but a few benefits of this prestigious recognition.

Following the Vatican’s lead: Pope Benedict XVI is a strong energy conservation proponent. The Vatican plans to have the entire City off the grid and to rely solely on alternative and/or renewable energy soon.