“A very reliable company with outstanding performance”

– Father Michael Conway
Saint Petersburg Catholic High School (January 2011)


“I would recommend Wind, Water and Energy Conservation to implement an Energy Performance Contract.”

– Billie Brown
Titusville Housing Authority (September 2012)


“We would never be able to accomplish energy upgrades, all at one time, utilizing Capital Funds; with an EPC having a savings guarantee it didn’t take much additional thought to look into the possibility of entering into an EPC with Wind, Water and Energy Conservation and getting the additional funding we needed to get things done.”

– Ilah Honson
Traverse City Housing Commission (October 2012)


“I want to express my sincere gratitude for all you have done for us at Cadillac Housing Commission with the implementation of our Energy Performance Contract. We are extremely happy with how well the whole process, from start to finish, went. You successfully created a friendly and helpful relationship with us and gently guided us through the difficult paperwork. In essence, you held my hand the entire time and professionally educated me throughout the whole process. This could not have been an easy task for you. I especially want to compliment James Higgins, V.P. Project Management for your guidance and professionalism. We are very happy with our energy improvements and this all happened with the minimal disruption to our residents and staff. I will be happy to offer recommendations for your company at any time.”

– Judy Myers
Cadillac Housing Commission (March 2013)


Project Histories

Cadillac Housing Commission

Cadillac’s interview about the project: http://www.minews26.com/content/?p=23588.

Traverse City Housing Commission

Titusville Housing Authority

Saint Petersburg Catholic High School

Section 8: Billie Brown Building